How to buy the right pool filter and pool pump

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It is important to get the right pool filter for the pool, especially when you want to swim in clear and clean water and try to avoid pools with gross water all the seasons. Pool filters are an essential part of swimming pool maintenance and remove dirt and debris from the pool to bring safe and clean water environment. Collaborating with the pool filter system, pool pumps also play a vital role in the maintenance of in-ground or above-ground pools. To choose the best pool filter and best pool pump, you need to understand their different available types and your needs for a specific pool.

What is a pool filter?

For the pool maintenance, removing debris, dirt, and contaminants is the vital task and pool filters can do a great help with the circulation system to ensure water safe and clean. Using sand, cartridges or D.E powder, pool filters can trap debris and dirt then return clean water back to the pool. Therefore, pool filters are considered as the life blood of a swimming pool in terms of removing contaminants from water to bring a clear and free-of-debris pool.

Types of pool filter system

You can take into consideration of these three common kinds of the filter system for pools of above-ground or in-ground.

Sand Filter

Sand filters are recommended for in-ground pools thanks to their reasonable price and easy maintenance. The operation scheme of sand filters is that the particles will come through the pool pump with a large sand bed which acts to filter them out to the small size of 20microns. Bigger debris can’t get through, however; small ones can pass the sand filters quite easily. Depending on different areas the pools are located in, the sand can last up to 7 years to get replaced.

The key pros of sand filters are their effective cleaning of medium to large debris and long lifetime reliability. Nevertheless, the maintenance of the sand filters is required quite often and when the sand is filled with debris, more pressure will be needed.

Cartridge Filter

The cartridge filter is a great choice for pool experts nowadays as it can offer a lower maintenance requirement. Using a thin cloth material, cartridge filter can do the filtration of particles and debris of the size down to 5-10 microns from the pool water. Thanks to larger filter area than in sand filters, cartridge filter can perform more efficiently so less water pressure is required to run.

The maintenance is quite simple and easy as what you need to do is to simply remove the cartridge to wash off the filtered out materials.

In the meantime, cartridge filters can save much water and energy and no request for backwashing for the filter. However, cartridge filters are more expensive than sand filters and require the shorter replacement time of every 3 years.

D.E. Filter

This filter type is an advanced method combining both the cartridge filter kind with a filtering material, Diatomaceous Earth or D.E. It is a naturally organic material in the form of fine powder and used as a filter to remove up to 3 microns of debris. Therefore, D.E. Filter is considered as the clearest and best pool filter with a reliable system that can last for years.

Though with several advantages, D.E. Filter also has some cons such as it requires more maintenance than these other two types and it costs the most as well.

Which is the best pool filter type?

Any of pool filter system can be your best choice depending on what you are really looking for your pool. From professional perspectives, they might recommend you selecting the cartridge filter type as it can greatly perform the filtration for small particles and large debris and doesn’t require for the backwashing of the system as the sand filters. If you are pool owners simply searching for a cheap system and without a need for smallest particles, a sand filter is not a bad choice for you. Besides, D.E. system will be your best selection of the clearest water of a pool.

What is a pool pump?

Pool pumps are the heart of the pool operating system and the key to the circulation system of a swimming pool in ensuring the pool water to be filtered and clean. By push water back and forth to the filtration system, pool pumps can keep the chemicals in the poop mixed so that it can clear debris and keep the pool clean. The filtering system will not work if there is not a pool pump, which will allocate dirt and debris to start accumulating easily. Normally, almost all of the pool pumps can fill the water itself when the system is turned on and the pump housing is not full.

Making the Decision

There are as many different choices of pool pumps in the market as there are pools. Selecting the wrong pump can negatively affect the swimming enjoyment, so it’s very important for you to understand which the best pool pump is for you. There are a variety of factors to take into consideration before making a purchase decision of a pool pump such as the pool size, pump speed, energy efficiency, your own budget, lifestyle, etc.

For example, what is the pump speed you are looking for? You should need to make it clear of a single, dual or variable speed type. Single speed pumps are quite out of date nowadays while variable speed ones are getting more and more popular thanks to their speed variety and high efficiency.

Furthermore, energy saving is also another factor that more people are paying attention to. Normally, the more various speed a pump has, the more efficient and energy-saving it will be. Some other people might be interested in looking for the information the flow rate, the operational noise, the installation process, or the inclusion of necessary accessories prior to their decision.

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How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

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Do you know a cloudy pool water can cause not only red eyes but also other  negative effects on your health ? It can increase the risk of UTIs. Urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in any part of your urinary system — your kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. If you get UTI, you will feel definitely unpleasant and spend not just a little time and money to cure it. In addition, Cloudy pools can block visibility, which make drowning easier. And you can also catch a stomach bug if swimming in cloudy pools.

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After learning about the harmful effects of a cloudy pool, you may ask : “Why do I have a cloudy Pool Water ?” There are many factors that contribute to cloudy water. Imbalanced amounts of pool chemicals may make your water cloudy. Or If your filter system is faulty, or you are not running your filter as required, (8 to 10 hours daily ), then your pool is likely to get cloudy. Or What surrounds your pool can easily cause your water to get cloudy, that includes birds, trees, a lot of rain or pollen, construction, sun, people, weather and alive or dead pool algae. Or Sometimes your pool water turns cloudy after shocking.

Therefore, a question is raised “how to fix a cloudy pool water ?” there are many ways to clear a cloudy swimming pool,  the best and most efficient way is using best pool cleaners. And one of the best pool cleaner is using the best robotic pool cleaner You may ask why a robotic pool cleaner is one of the best.

Firstly, you should know some basic information about them:

Robotic pool cleaners are self-directed and have low-voltage automatic pool vacuums that clean the floor, steps and walls of a residential swimming pool.

To power the device, we have to connect a transformer to a standard wall outlet and a 30 to 100 foot-long power cord which connects the pool cleaner to a transformer. The transformer drops the power from 110/220 volts AC down to 24 volts DC to power the cleaner in your pool.

Robotic pool cleaners use two electric motors to operate : a water pump that sucks dirt in to the device’s filter and a drive motor which moves the unit round the pool. For some robotic pool cleaners, a jet drive is used in place of wheels driven by an electric motor.


And one of the amazing things, many robotic pool cleaners today are computer-controlled and it can automatically learn the most efficient path to clean your pool’s unique surfaces. Some robotic pool vacuums also offer a remote control that lets you drive the system from your patio chair.

Secondly, what makes them the best ?

Here are ten reasons :

  1. Maintenance-friendly : Maintenance costs are managed better and lower compare to other types of pool cleaners. Because robotic pool cleaners use the intelligent, efficient cleaning algorithms that can prevent over-use of the device.
  2. Lower energy & running costs : Because robotic pool cleaners are not connected to your pool’s water pump, they generate no additional back pressure on your pool’s system, unlike a pressure- or suction-based cleaner. Therefore, you can avoid the need to add a booster pump or install new plumbing, which saves in up-front costs.
  3. Lower chemical usage : robotic pool cleaners can lower the need for chemical use to balance water.
  4. Climb and scrub walls : As with almost all pool vacuums, it can’t climb and clean the pool steps too well, but robotic pool cleaners can climb the walls and scrub the waterline
  5. Extremely efficient cleaning : robotic pool cleaners ‘ ability to clean everywhere in all types of pools well makes them stand out above and beyond the others.
  6. Super-simple installation helps robotic pool cleaners that can be run or managed easily.
  7. Low noise level : If you can’t stand the noise from machines, robotic pool cleaners can make the noise level to the lowest.
  8. Without needing pump upgrade, you can easily manage it and save usage cost.
  9. You just drop it in the water & go
  10. Great product warranties : Most of the suppliers of robotic pool cleaners provide a good product warranties to their customers.

Thirdly, how to choose the best robotic pool cleaner ?

To answer this question, you should take into accounts these specifications :

+ The size of your pool : the bigger your pool, the bigger the machine.

+The GPH – gallons per hour – written on the instruction paper : the higher the filtration rate, the more gallons per hour the cleaner will be able to filter

+Choose a robotic pool cleaner whose cable is at least 3.5 meters longer than the length of your pool

+The energy efficiency : the newer robotic pool cleaners which consume less energy than the older ones.

+The twisted cables can make consumersclumsy, confused and maybe annoyed. Therefore, you should read the reviews to make sure you buy a robotic pool cleaner with an underwater cable swivel.

+Warranty policy : The cost for repairing a robotic pool cleaner is not cheap. You had better search for the models which have the motors replacement and have a warranty policy at least 24 months.

+If it’s not out of your reach, choose the robotic pool cleaner with the highest quality that you can afford. Because it will make your pool clean in great shape and save your money and your time in long run for not fixing it over and over again.

Finally you may want to know some brands that have already made a name in the industry of automatic cleaners. They are known for their efficient line of products.

Aquabot – established in 1982 Aquabot is one of the leading brands in the world of robotic pool cleaners. The company specializes in manufacturing high performance robotic vacuum cleaners.  The primary mission of the brand is to provide an enjoyable pool experience for everyone.

Maytronics – Maytronics is one of the big names in the industry of automatic pool cleaners. The brand was born in 1983. The company is best-known by producing a wide range of environment-friendly automatic pool cleaners with exceptional quality and performance.

Hayward – Hayward is an American company that provides cutting-edge, environment-friendly selection of robotic pool cleaners. The company is successful in building a robust brand in the industry. It provides a wide array of robotic pool cleaners for both residential and commercial pools.

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Bottom lines : a robotic pool cleaner is one of the best pool cleaner options to fix Cloudy Pool Water. Hope you enjoy swimming !


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To insure absolute safety for babies on the swing is still a noticeable issue in a lot of families. The market has so many types of swings or cribs that require families to consider more carefully. Almost all swing designs for babies from 1 to 4 years old are being filtered and selected vigilantly so that it is easier for mothers and fathers to use them. According to some latest researches, babies who are wounded with the baby swing account for around 30 percent of those using the swing. This is an alarming number for all parents even though they possess the best baby swing. Today I want to provide 5 noticeable notes to insure safety.


  1. Be careful with the swing

People possess the swing in many different ways. The product can be directly chosen from a well – known store; many families purchase it through online channel and online breaker; or in some cases, the swings are the present they receive. In this way or another, the swing should be tested vigilantly before being used. People usually buy products without testing parts that are related to mechanical structure as they have little command of it. That’s not a problem. The swing can come from any country or any brand as long as it is firm enough for safe swinging.

  1. Look at the safety of the swing in more details

Here are some simple ways to recognize if the swing can insure safety.


  • There should have no slit between all the layers of cushion seat on the grounds that baby’s fingers can be stranded in these slit.
  • The cushion should be flat and the covering cloth should be sewed up to the popular standard.

Protective swing railing

  • Railing is necessary to protect our babies so it should be higher that babies but not too high so as to avoid empty feeling.
  • The distance among railing bars ought to be small to prevent hands, toes and even heads of babies from being stranded.

Swing lock

  • Swing lock often goes with a wooden swing and it needs to be easy to use.
  • Avoid the case that you cannot unlock.
  1. Toys should not be allowed in the swing

You can realize that your babies are obstreperous and naughty at all times. In particular, they usually insist mothers on playing with toys, especially teddy toys if they are baby girls or vehicle toys if they are baby boys. And mothers always want to pamper them so they allow. However, there will be some risks for babies such as:

  • Toys lie or flip over the faces of babies and keep them holding breath
  • Heavy toys place on babies’ arms or legs, which numbs their bodies for a while and causes nightmares.
  • Toys under the back of babies will give rise to back bone curvature.
  1. Ideal swing position

The baby swing should be placed in an ideal position but almost every parent forgets about it or even does not think about it. It does not take time for your babies to grow up. Their physical condition will be enhanced and the length of their arms will be increased quickly. As a result, your babies can raise arms and catch everything they find funny such as outlet, curtains or some boxes above. This hides a lot of dangers for your babies so remember to have an ideal position for the swing that meets the following criteria:

  • Far from windows and doors
  • Far from the stairs
  • Not above any base
  • Not under any shelf
  1. Come back and allow your babies get out

You cannot depend totally on the baby swing. Your babies need to have time for accessing the outside and playing. Only when you do not have time to care for them and when they fall asleep, you should let them in the swing and your babies should be in the swing for a while as a kind of relaxing.

I hope my 5 notes are helpful. Also, the space around the baby swing needs to be cozy. I will talk about this in details in next articles.

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How to cut metal by a band saw?

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If you intend to have a metal cut, a metal – cutting band saw is a good idea. When choosing to use this kind, you also have a lot of things to consider. Alongside many great benefits a band saw can provide, still, it contains some dangers. This article below will give you some instructions on how to use in the proper way a metal – cutting band saw to avoid injuries as well as make the job done successfully.

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  • Understand what you are going to cut:

Before using a metal – cutting band saw, it is very essential to know what materials you intend to cut. The two most important things to consider are the thickness and the softness of the materials. Of course, cutting aluminum is different from the silver or iron. The metal density will have an influence on the settings you put on the saw. For example, for cutting aluminum, you have to avoid setting the fast speed deftly lest, the aluminum pieces will fly out and cause serious injuries. Always consult the instruction enclosed in the saw or search on the Internet the information involved in your model and what you tend to cut.

  • Remember the vice:

One of the safety functions enclosed with a metal – cutting band saw is a vice. The purpose of it is to stick on the metal you are cutting so that you do not need to place your hand near the saw. Every time you are cutting any kind of metal, always remember to use the vice.

  • The true blade:

Many people keep thinking that a metal – cutting band saw is of course used to cut metal, thus, do not concern to the kind of blade. However, in reality, to have the successful cuts, you need to choose the right blade which has smaller teeth with closer distance between two ones to prevent the blade against sticking. Each kind of blade can only cut a few kinds of metal, not all. Thus, while choosing, please keep an eye on the metal list printed on the package. An aluminum blade is never used for cutting steel and on the contrary because the blade will be broken down.

  • The kind of metal and cutting speed:

While using a band saw to cut metal, you need to carry out carefully. If you cut in wrong speed, you may be in trouble with shredding,warping or justthrowingthe metal pieces into you. This kind of band saw uses the unit of feet – per – minute to operate its feed. For example, it is from 120 to 260 for aluminum and 110 – 160 for steel while 170 – 250 is for copper. These speeds perhaps change based on the blade you are using so that you should always refer the information about it.

  • Keep the saw cool

There are two main troubles you will have to face with are the metal warp and the blade broken. Heat and friction are the big causes for these alongside the material you are cutting. From that point, while having the metal cut, keep the saw cool to reduce friction as much as possible.