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To insure absolute safety for babies on the swing is still a noticeable issue in a lot of families. The market has so many types of swings or cribs that require families to consider more carefully. Almost all swing designs for babies from 1 to 4 years old are being filtered and selected vigilantly so that it is easier for mothers and fathers to use them. According to some latest researches, babies who are wounded with the baby swing account for around 30 percent of those using the swing. This is an alarming number for all parents even though they possess the best baby swing. Today I want to provide 5 noticeable notes to insure safety.


  1. Be careful with the swing

People possess the swing in many different ways. The product can be directly chosen from a well – known store; many families purchase it through online channel and online breaker; or in some cases, the swings are the present they receive. In this way or another, the swing should be tested vigilantly before being used. People usually buy products without testing parts that are related to mechanical structure as they have little command of it. That’s not a problem. The swing can come from any country or any brand as long as it is firm enough for safe swinging.

  1. Look at the safety of the swing in more details

Here are some simple ways to recognize if the swing can insure safety.


  • There should have no slit between all the layers of cushion seat on the grounds that baby’s fingers can be stranded in these slit.
  • The cushion should be flat and the covering cloth should be sewed up to the popular standard.

Protective swing railing

  • Railing is necessary to protect our babies so it should be higher that babies but not too high so as to avoid empty feeling.
  • The distance among railing bars ought to be small to prevent hands, toes and even heads of babies from being stranded.

Swing lock

  • Swing lock often goes with a wooden swing and it needs to be easy to use.
  • Avoid the case that you cannot unlock.
  1. Toys should not be allowed in the swing

You can realize that your babies are obstreperous and naughty at all times. In particular, they usually insist mothers on playing with toys, especially teddy toys if they are baby girls or vehicle toys if they are baby boys. And mothers always want to pamper them so they allow. However, there will be some risks for babies such as:

  • Toys lie or flip over the faces of babies and keep them holding breath
  • Heavy toys place on babies’ arms or legs, which numbs their bodies for a while and causes nightmares.
  • Toys under the back of babies will give rise to back bone curvature.
  1. Ideal swing position

The baby swing should be placed in an ideal position but almost every parent forgets about it or even does not think about it. It does not take time for your babies to grow up. Their physical condition will be enhanced and the length of their arms will be increased quickly. As a result, your babies can raise arms and catch everything they find funny such as outlet, curtains or some boxes above. This hides a lot of dangers for your babies so remember to have an ideal position for the swing that meets the following criteria:

  • Far from windows and doors
  • Far from the stairs
  • Not above any base
  • Not under any shelf
  1. Come back and allow your babies get out

You cannot depend totally on the baby swing. Your babies need to have time for accessing the outside and playing. Only when you do not have time to care for them and when they fall asleep, you should let them in the swing and your babies should be in the swing for a while as a kind of relaxing.

I hope my 5 notes are helpful. Also, the space around the baby swing needs to be cozy. I will talk about this in details in next articles.

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How to cut metal by a band saw?

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If you intend to have a metal cut, a metal – cutting band saw is a good idea. When choosing to use this kind, you also have a lot of things to consider. Alongside many great benefits a band saw can provide, still, it contains some dangers. This article below will give you some instructions on how to use in the proper way a metal – cutting band saw to avoid injuries as well as make the job done successfully.

band saw tool

  • Understand what you are going to cut:

Before using a metal – cutting band saw, it is very essential to know what materials you intend to cut. The two most important things to consider are the thickness and the softness of the materials. Of course, cutting aluminum is different from the silver or iron. The metal density will have an influence on the settings you put on the saw. For example, for cutting aluminum, you have to avoid setting the fast speed deftly lest, the aluminum pieces will fly out and cause serious injuries. Always consult the instruction enclosed in the saw or search on the Internet the information involved in your model and what you tend to cut.

  • Remember the vice:

One of the safety functions enclosed with a metal – cutting band saw is a vice. The purpose of it is to stick on the metal you are cutting so that you do not need to place your hand near the saw. Every time you are cutting any kind of metal, always remember to use the vice.

  • The true blade:

Many people keep thinking that a metal – cutting band saw is of course used to cut metal, thus, do not concern to the kind of blade. However, in reality, to have the successful cuts, you need to choose the right blade which has smaller teeth with closer distance between two ones to prevent the blade against sticking. Each kind of blade can only cut a few kinds of metal, not all. Thus, while choosing, please keep an eye on the metal list printed on the package. An aluminum blade is never used for cutting steel and on the contrary because the blade will be broken down.

  • The kind of metal and cutting speed:

While using a band saw to cut metal, you need to carry out carefully. If you cut in wrong speed, you may be in trouble with shredding,warping or justthrowingthe metal pieces into you. This kind of band saw uses the unit of feet – per – minute to operate its feed. For example, it is from 120 to 260 for aluminum and 110 – 160 for steel while 170 – 250 is for copper. These speeds perhaps change based on the blade you are using so that you should always refer the information about it.

  • Keep the saw cool

There are two main troubles you will have to face with are the metal warp and the blade broken. Heat and friction are the big causes for these alongside the material you are cutting. From that point, while having the metal cut, keep the saw cool to reduce friction as much as possible.